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Income Tax Planning And Preparation

Income Tax Planning And Preparation That Pays For Itself

At John J. Pembroke & Associates LLC, our tax planning attorneys assist executives and businesses in preparing federal and state income tax returns, estate and gift tax returns. We also advise clients regarding income tax planning to reduce their tax burden.

We complete tax returns for a wide range of clients, from individuals with average incomes, to high-level business executives and business owners, to a client who at one time was number 29 on the Forbes 100 list of wealthiest individuals.

Knowledgeable Attorneys Who Get Results

We field an exceptionally capable and experienced staff. One attorney served as the senior income tax attorney in a 50-lawyer firm in downtown Chicago and advised clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies on domestic and international matters.

We have helped clients obtain tax refunds that exceed the amount required for approval by a subcommittee of Congress ($250,000). Based on your previous year’s tax return, we can tell you what it will cost this year. Our rates are competitive with suburban Chicago accounting firms that offer income tax preparation. Our tax services include preparation of the following:

  • Individual tax returns that involve complex issues, including diverse stock option transactions
  • High net worth returns for individuals who have recently transferred in or out of the Chicago metropolitan area
  • Estate and Trust tax returns
  • Partnership returns
  • S corporation returns
  • Other types of corporate taxes or returns

Why Use A Lawyer To Complete Your Tax Return

There are several advantages in using a lawyer to do your taxes. If there are tax disputes or controversies with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a state taxing authority, we can represent you not only in tax court but also in higher courts. You also have an attorney-client privilege, which applies to oral communications between you and your lawyer.

We are also happy to represent you in any fiduciary claims, or any audit or tax controversy.

We invite you to contact our income tax preparation and planning attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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