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Probate And Trust Litigation

Probate And Trust Litigation

We Seek Effective And Efficient Resolutions To Estate Administration Disputes

Even when a will and other estate planning documents exist, disputes during probate can occur. Examples of issues that may cause someone to contest a will include alleged financial abuse or undue influence of a decedent prior to death, mismanagement of a trust or an error in the will. These problems typically are discovered during probate or the administration of an estate.

The probate and trust lawyers of John J. Pembroke & Associates LLC assist clients with the difficult issues surrounding disputes over the settlement of estates and trusts. Our probate attorneys represent individuals who wish to challenges a will, trust or other estate planning documents, as well as defend executors if a dispute is raised.

Options In Handling Sensitive Family Disputes

Disputes involving wills and trusts raise highly emotional issues within families. This can cause will contests and probate disputes to become time-consuming and costly. Our probate lawyers seek opportunities for clients to resolve the dispute in the most cost-effective and financially beneficial manner possible.

Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of litigation in the context of probate or trust administration, prosecuting or defending clients in probate cases involving:

  • Contested wills vague wills, invalid wills, questions of competency, charges of undue influence
  • Probate problems mismanagement of assets
  • Trust litigation involving fiduciary misconduct claims and accounting challenges

Ready To Advocate For You

We invite you to contact our Chicago probate litigation attorneys online or by calling 847-696-0060 to schedule a consultation.

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