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Estate And Trust Tax Preparation And Advice

Better Tax Strategies For Increased Savings

The attorneys at John J. Pembroke & Associates have roughly 30 years of experience in the preparation of estate and gift tax returns for individuals, estates, trusts, and fiduciaries in suburban Chicago.

The estate tax, also called “death tax,” applies to the transfer of property at someone’s death. Currently, this tax only applies to property in excess of $5 million (adjusted for inflation) for Federal estate tax and $4 million for Illinois estate tax. Our lawyers will help you determine if the estate tax applies and file the necessary return. Our lawyers can also do final state and federal income tax preparation for estates.

Understanding Gift Taxes

If you give money or property to your children or other individuals during your lifetime, you may also be subject to federal gift taxes. As the donor, you are responsible for paying any taxes that are due. In addition to preparing your gift tax return, our lawyers can help you minimize or eliminate gift and estate taxes through estate planning strategies.

We offer an exceptionally capable and experienced staff. Our founder has served as the senior income tax professional at a 50-lawyer firm in downtown Chicago and advised clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies on domestic and international matters. For our clients, we have obtained tax refunds that exceeded the amount required for approval by a subcommittee of Congress ($250,000).

Our firm is unique in that we employ certified public accountants and a professor at a local college with several years of tax experience. We invite you to contact our gift and estate tax preparation attorneys online or by calling 847-696-0060 to schedule a consultation.

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